About Arthur George

Arthur George was founded in 2012 by Robert Kardashian, an American businessman and star of the award-winning reality television series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The Arthur George brand, the name a combination of Robert’s middle name - Arthur - also his grandfather’s name, and his father’s middle name - George - was born from Robert’s life-long passion for men’s accessories. Robert started working on stand-out, spirited, slogan-centric sock designs and the Arthur George statement sock was born. These top-selling slogan socks are now synonymous with the Arthur George design and aesthetic, with loyal customers collecting them all and sharing proudly on social media. 

With signature phrases like "Keep Calm," YOLO" and "Hot Mama," Arthur George customers can wear their feelings on their feet, making a statement and sharing in the brand motto: Say it, live it, wear it. 

The collection also features the popular “wedding socks” with standout styles for brides and their bridal parties. 

In 2017, Rob expanded the line to include styles for babies (0-12m) and toddler (2T-4T) with slogans like “Daddy’s Girl,” “Made in America,” and “Little Homie.”




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