For every pair of socks sold on, Arthur George donates a pair to someone in need. 

Every morning millions of Americans slip on a pair of socks without giving it a second thought, while half a billion homeless Americans wake up on the streets, cold, hungry and wondering how they are going to stay warm and dry.

Socks are one of the most-requested items at homeless shelters around the country, and it is our goal at Arthur George to help provide comfort and warmth to those who lack one simple thing many of us take for granted every day. 

Arthur George donates socks to homeless Americans around Los Angeles through Red Eye and The Los Angeles Mission, and to at-risk youth and their families at The Promise School in Ohio through the LeBron James Family Foundation.


Red Eye creates social cohesion for two of the most isolated demographics... Up + In // Down + Out.
While reaching out to help humanity and mentor those in need, Red Eye connects one cultural extreme with another.
These socks will be enable the families at the Watts Empowerment Center that the Jenner and Kardashian Family helped save and continually look out for. Socks will also go to individuals living on the streets of Skid Row and are one of the most requested items to help people stay warm and clean on the streets. 
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